This site will list all my tools and manuals I use for installation and mainting my bikes. I will also try to generate a gallery with all my “How-To’s”.

Shop Tools
First of all, I’m tool obsessed. If I need a tool I buy it in the best possible quality available… no compromise!

The main bike tools are from Park, special tools like torque wrenches are from brands like Hazet or Gedore becaue they are more professional in this type of tools. The table below lists all my tools and its operational purpose.

  • Feedback Sports
    • Pro-Elite Repair Stand
  • Park Tool
    • DH-1 (dummy hub, maintaining/cleaning the chain)
    • CN-10 (cable and housing cutter)
    • CP-1 (cassette pliers / chain whip pliers, de-install the cassette)
    • FR-5.2G (cassette lockring tool with guide, install/de-install the cassette)
    • CC-3.2 (chain checker, control chain length)
    • CT-3.2 (chain tool, chain sizing, install and de-install the chain)
    • MLP-1.2 (master link pliers, open/close Shimano master link on chains)
    • BBT-30.4 (bottom bracket bearing tool set, remove BB30 (BB42))
    • BBT-69.2 (bottom bracket tool (nut), install/de-install BB30 (BB42-68))
    • BBT-9 (bottom bracket tool (wrench), install/de-install BB30 (BB42-68))
    • SG-8 (saw guide for carbon composite forks)
    • CSB-1 (carbon cutting saw blade)
    • ATD-1.2 (adjustable torque driver, 4NM, 4.5NM, 5NM, 5.5NM, 6NM)
  • Hazet
    • torque wrench 2,5-25NM 1/4 Inch (5108-2CT)
    • torque wrench 10-60NM 3/8 Inch (5110-2CT)
  • Gedore (Carolous/RED)
    • torque wrench 40-200NM, 1/2 Inch, square drive for bi-directional tightening (5900.200)
  • Knipex
    • Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers (26 15 200)
    • Combination Pliers (03 05 180)
  • Proxxon
    • 1/4 and 1/2 Inch Ratchet Set (NO 23 040)
    • 1/4 and 1/2 Inch Hex Set (NO 23 100)
  • Wera
    • Kraftform 300 SET: slotted, cross-resess Phillips, pozidrive and Torx (05105630001 1)
    • 8790 HMC Zyklop socket 1/2 Inch drive, size 1 Inch (05003631001) (for Park Tool FR-5.2G)
  • General Accessories and Supplies
    • Shimano Premium Grease
    • Shimano Degreaser (Can)
    • Ceramicspeed All Round Grease
    • Motorex Wet Protect (Road)
    • Innotech 105 (MTB)
    • Loctite 243
    • Liqui Moly Anti Seize Ceramic Paste

Manuals & Tech-Guides
The following external links will show official manufacturer manuals and tech-guides. All copyright are reserved by the author. NO warranty in ANY case of damage.