Tarmac: Gold Chain and Gear Indexing

This one goes BLING*BLING. The Tarmac will be geared up with a golden chain which will be perfectly match the whole “German setup”.


These tools are needed:

  • Bike Stand
  • 2mm Allen
  • CN-10
  • CT-3.2
  • MLP-1.2

Official Service Manual:

Service/Spare Part:

  • KMC X11SL Ti-N Gold
    • BX11SLT18 (X11SL Gold 118)

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Post as guidance? No warranty in ANY case of damage!

If a used chain is exchanged, it is usually used as a length measurement. This would be possible but I will show you the initial process of sizing a chain with a masterlink.

First step is to load the chain on the largest sprocket – back and front. You do not thread it thorough the rear derailleur. Next step is to add the masterlink so you can see where the first connection could be happen (red).

Now you need to add two rivets if you use the oem hanger (yellow) or four if you run the OSPW from Ceramicspeed (green). This is your cutting rivet.

Just cut it with a suiteable chain cutter. This is a 11-speed chain, so the Park Tool CT-3.2 is fine.

Last step for the chain is to gear it up and close the masterlink. You can use a masterlink plier or just tension the cain itself.

Now for the fun part, indexing 🙂 First step is the base tension on the front and read derailleur.

On the rear it is just simple, just tension it till the rubbing noise disappears. The front derailleur needs to be set on the trim position. So you need to shift fully UP and HALF down. Then you set the tension – the indication lines must match for the base tension.

Now it is possible to index both derailleurs. I usually do the rear first.

Finally cut the cables and install the tips.