Allez: Pedals (PD-R9100)

Whats left from the Dura Ace? Hmm… I know that thing which is never in the group set… the pedals. Of course SPD-SL and of course Dura Ace. Time for the PD-R9100.

These tools are needed:

  • Bike Stand
  • 8mm Allen
  • Torque Wrench
  • Anti Seize

Official Service Manual:

Service/Spare Part:

  • Shimano Dura Ace PD-R9100
    • I-PDR9100
  • Custom Titanium Grade5 Washers

Post as guidance? No warranty in ANY case of damage!

The difference between Ultegra and Dura Ace is only in weight, which means material and treatment. Technical they are the same (shifting, braking, etc.) except of the pedals. The Dura Ace pedals are different in conception. Bigger rubber seal with housing and a different set of bearings (17+9 balls).

But enough with those technical jabbering. The weight for the pedals including the titanium washers: 235,5 grams. The difference in weight (0,3 grams) could be the amount of grease or just a fluctuation in material texture.

For better disassembly just a little anti seize on the threads. The washers are required by SRAM/Quarq to protect the carbon. I change those guys to titanium ones… of course =D

Right pedal is right-thread, left pedal is left-thread, torque on both 35-55NM.