Allez: Seatpost And Saddle

Today will be the day where all static parts will be mounted. In the rebuild I want a new seatpost – my pick the Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt with a seatback of 20mm. It has a nice finish which teams best with stem and handlebar plus a simple and perfect adjustment design… just one screw/bolt. Last […]

Allez: Front Derailleur (FD-R9100)

Now to the front derailleur of the Dura Ace R9100. I want the brazed-on style of this derailleur because I want a chain catcher as well. Originally the Allez features no mounting point for the front derailleur so there are two options: first 34,9mm front derailleur clamp-combo or 34,9mm brazed-on clamp. I go for the […]

Allez: Brakes (BR-R9100)

First part of the installation of the Dura Ace R9100 will be the Brakes. The Allez features the “classic-style” of rim brakes (not direct-mount) so the BR-R9100 are perfect. Because I’m going to run the Mavic SLR’s further I need Exalith 2 brake pads. Respectively about weight saving I’m going to change the brake-shoe-screws to […]

Allez: Powermeter Quarq DFour91 (GXP)

After a lot of “adventures” with Stages I decided to dispose this crap… This stuff was more than unreliable. Battery/Energy consumption horrible, pairing between the powermeter and the computer perceived at 25% of success. And don’t count the weather into… just outrage. As another choice the new pedal-based SRM/LOOK looks quite good but I wanted […]