Tarmac: Build-Up Compilation

Today the Tarmac will rise and the Allez will fall. What does this mean? The Allez will fall?! Yeah the Dura Ace components will be transferred to the Tarmac… So in the background will be a disassembly to build up the Tarmac =) But later on will be a “2nd 2nd” Rebuild for the Allez with the “old” Ultegra group.

Normally I will do a detailed build-up but this time a lot of pictures are not as good as I wanted them. Instead this will be only a compilation of pictures. Maybe there will be a general overhauling in the winter with new components and tec stuff, I don’t now… Picture time.

Frame and BottomBracket


Fork, Headset, Stem and Handlebar


Brakes (DirectMount)

Powermeter Crank and Pedals


Derailleur and ChainCatcher


Shifters and Cabling


Chain and Saddle