Tarmac: Frame and BB

Like I said last year, when I get to it, there will be a new, detailed build-up with better pictures. Now the time has come. I teared down the Tarmac… completely.

Not only that the phoenix rises from the ashes, no… there is a lot new stuff coming, too. One thing is the new Ceramicspeed bottom bracket which is now a BB42-68-24 (BB30). But what does that mean? You will see =D

Flashback: The DuraAce on the Allez was moved to the Tarmac. Later will be a “2nd 2nd” rebuild for the Allez with the “old” Ultegra group.

These tools are needed:

  • Bike Stand
  • BBT-69.2
  • BBT-9
  • 2.5mm Allen
  • 4mm Allen
  • 5mm Allen
  • Torque Wrench
  • Cutter
  • Anti Seize
  • Grease
  • Special Grease (Ceramicspeed)
  • Carbon Paste
  • Towel
  • Loctite 243

Post as guidance? No warranty in ANY case of damage!

Let’s start… the baseline. As you can see the only thing which is still in its original place is the seatpost and the saddle because of simplicity in adjustment.

On carbon frames the clamping spots are declared by the manufacturer. The only part on the Tarmac is the seatpost! If you clamp down another part of the frame it would taken damage!

To make the cabling easier I used some liners during the pullback.

Just to gently fold in some “old pictures” here are some weight-checks.

  • Frameset (no fork): 826.5 gram
  • Seatpost (assembled): 177.5 gram
  • Saddle: 152.1 gram

The seatpost is torqued with 4-5NM. Grease on the clamp and the bolt, carbon paste on the contact surface right to the seatpost. The saddle is torqued down with 13.5NM.

Now for the derailleur hanger, weight with screws is 14.7 gram.

Just a drop of Loctite 243 (blue) on each screw to secure the 2.5NM. 

Time for the bottom bracket… but first some maintenance!

Just strip-off the cover so you can face the bearing seal. This seal must be removed to reveal the bearing itself. Best tool for that is a simple cutter. After that just wipe-off the old grease with a towel.

When every thing is cleaned nicely it is time to add some new special grease (Ceramicspeed). Ceramicspeed declared a filling rate from 60-80%. Then I worked the grease into the bearings and install the seal. To prevent a grinding I just put some normal grease on the cover before installation.

Time for the scale: 107.5 gram for the BB30

Finally the installation itself. First on this is anti seize on all contact surfaces to prevent locking.

Then head for the frame and the bb shell. Insert the right side first and screw it together.

Make sure there is a snug fit during the installation. You do not want a damaged frame because of a bad alignment!

And finally… make sure to level the logo on left side. Why? Why not?!

Correct torque for the BB30 is 40NM. Perfect.