Pedal Minor Service (PD-6800)

From time to time it is useful to perform a minor pedal service. This time for the Ultegra 6800 (PD-6800).

These tools are needed:

  • Bike stand
  • 17mm spanner
  • Torque Wrench
  • Grease
  • Synthetic Oil

No warranty in ANY case of damage!

This service is very simple. Just unscrew the pedal body from the axle. Left pedal is right-hand thread, right pedal is left-hand thread.

For a minor service I just flush the bearings with synthetic oil and clean every thing up. After that I always check the play of the bearings… nothing to do. So everything greased up and reassemble the pedal. For the PD-6800 the torque is 10NM.

Thats it, ready for the next ride.