Change: S-Works Road Boa S2-S Snap

During the last ride my upper lright boa started loosen itself… not so good. So it is time to replace it.

These tools are needed:

  • Slot Screw Driver
  • TX 6

Official Service Manual:

Service/Spare Part:

  • Boa S2-S Pars Kit L&R Black
    • B1442

No warranty in ANY case of damage!

To change a boa snap is very easy the difference is to get a new pair of snaps in Germany… The S-Works Road (2015) are running S2-S snaps. Original replacements by Specialized are very rar especially in a matching color. I’m not the circus guy who wants one yellow and one blue snap… so only black is black!

You can order original replacement parts from the manufacturer itself (boa) but the shipping is more expensive as the parts itself so eBay is your best friend =)

To unclip the snap you only need a slotted screw driver an clip it off, very simple. Every snap is assigned to a food-side, marked at rear (R or L).

The downside of the manufacturer replacement kit, they do not match the oem ones. So there are two options: Either I will change all snaps or just one. I head for the last is my option but I will change the cap so it will look as the oem one *GG*

So after I open up the snaps it is very clear whats worn out – the plastic ratchet mechanism. Seemingly a common problem so they changed to metal ones on the replacement one.

After a cleanup just a simple swap: New snap + old cap. 

The install is as simple as the deinstall just clip it in and your done.