Allez: Rear Derailleur (RD-R9100)

Now it’s time for the derailleurs, first will be the rear one. At the moment there will be no “tuning” or “tweaks” but maybe later =) So this is just a simple task… one screw and your done.¬†

These tools are needed:

  • Bike Stand
  • 5mm Allen
  • Torque Wrench

Official Service Manual:

Service/Spare Part:

  • Shimano Dura Ace RD-R9100
    • I-RDR9100SS

Post as guidance? No warranty in ANY case of damage!

The rear derailleur of the R9100 is a new designed for this a new outer casting is needed but this will be explained in another post. Today is the simple installation but first the weight: 160,5 grams.

As already said, the installation is quite simple. Look for the derailleur hanger on the back. When you got it screw on the derailleur with a torque of 8-10NM. The only thing which must kept in mind is the gap between the hanger-stop and the derailleur itself. The exact gap should be zero =D