Allez: Brakes (BR-R9100)

First part of the installation of the Dura Ace R9100 will be the Brakes. The Allez features the “classic-style” of rim brakes (not direct-mount) so the BR-R9100 are perfect. Because I’m going to run the Mavic SLR’s further I need Exalith 2 brake pads. Respectively about weight saving I’m going to change the brake-shoe-screws to titanium ones… what else.

These tools are needed:

  • Bike Stand
  • 2mm Allen
  • 4mm Allen
  • Torque Wrench
  • Anti Seize
  • Loctite 222

Official Service Manual:

Service/Spare Part:

  • Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9100
    • I-BRR9100AF82X
    • I-BRR9100AR82A
  • Mavic Exalith 2 Brake Pads
    • V2470301
  • Custom Titanium Grade5 Bolts

Post as guidance? No warranty in ANY case of damage!

First step will be the change of the brake pads because the BR-R9100 comes either normal pads or carbon pads. Because I’m running Mavics with Exalith 2, I need the corresponding pads. The old pads from the Ultegra aren’t completely worn out but on the rebuild I want new ones.

A brake pad change is very easy just unscrew the brake-shoe-screws so the brake shoe is freed. After that it is necessary to unscrew the screw which holds the pad itself. Final doing is to move out the pad from the shoe. This is often note as easy as it looks^^

Brake pads are directional bonded. On the Mavic Exalith pads the direction is vulcanized on the back of each pad. The inseration of the pad is the same as the extraction just in reverse order but with the same loath of smoothness.

My final step is always to renew the loctite on the holding screw of the pad. Important step is to brush down the old loctite so there is a new solid bond. Loctite 222 is more than acceptable for this type of screw. The torque is a little more than hand-tighten. Time for reassembly of the both brake calipers.

The old assembly is just for the record to compare the weight. Front: 161,5 grams, Rear: 166,2 grams.

Now for the titanium screws. The weight saving on those are just 0,3 grams. Salute Shimano!

Very important on this is anti seize on the brake-show-screws! The reassemble brake calipers are ultra nice with the titanium look. 

Now for the installation of the brake calipers itself – for this the wheels need to be installed. With the wheels it is possible set the correct alignment of the pads to the rim.

Rear caliper first. Loctite 222 on the thread, washer and pivot nut (10,5mm on the Allez). Torque on the nut is 8-10NM. After that brake pad alignment. If it is correct torque each pad with 5-7NM.

The front caliper is the same procedure: Loctite 222, washer and pivot nut (18mm on the Allez) with a torque of 8-10NM. Finally set the brake pad alignment as well and torque it down ( 5-7NM).