Tarmac: Frame and BB

Like I said last year, when I get to it, there will be a new, detailed build-up with better pictures. Now the time has come. I teared down the Tarmac… completely. Not only that the phoenix rises from the ashes, no… there is a lot new stuff coming, too. One thing is the new Ceramicspeed […]

Tarmac: Build-Up Compilation

Today the Tarmac will rise and the Allez will fall. What does this mean? The Allez will fall?! Yeah the Dura Ace components will be transferred to the Tarmac… So in the background will be a disassembly to build up the Tarmac =) But later on will be a “2nd 2nd” Rebuild for the Allez […]

New Road Frameset

Carefully considered? I don’t know but this is maybe the last chance to get a “classic/traditional” road frame in carbon. I’m not a friend of disc brakes on road bikes, not either of digital shifting. Aero is also not the final call. I want a pure classic frame, which means cable controlled and rim brakes. […]