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New Road Frameset

Carefully considered? I don’t know but this is maybe the last chance to get a “classic/traditional” road frame in carbon. I’m not a friend of disc brakes on road bikes, not either of digital shifting. Aero is also not the final call. I want a pure classic frame, which means cable controlled and rim brakes. […]

Teaser: Allez ReBuild

This off-season I will rebuild the allez from scratch. This is not a simple service or component swap… Sure new components will be installed but also enhanced tuning will be take place in this “series”. I will change every single bearing, optimize the weight with titanium an alumnium as well as new carbon parts and […]

Road arrived

Yesterday I picked up my road bicycle at my dealers store, unfortunately on Tuesday because the sub-supplier delivered the wrong chain… Whatever, the bike is gorgeous and that’s the point! I’ll update the Road section with the specifications and take a few pictures. **EDIT**As promised the picture below.

New Road

Six days have passed, since I ordered my own composed road bicycle. Now maybe today is the Day it is finished. Keep you posted! **EDIT** Not today but on Monday, promised by the mechanic…