Allez: Frame Re-Build-Up

First of all the strip down, after that… A phoenix from the ashes.

The tear down of the frame is very simple because it runs the slogan “unscrew everything you can”. The “strip” itself is not documented… sry. But on the bright side I took only 30 mins. In the end to start again an overall check was obligatory – every thing is on like new condition. Perfect!

These tools are needed:

  • Bike Stand
  • 2mm Allen Key
  • 4mm Allen Key
  • Loctite 243
  • Synthetic Oil

Service/Spare Part:

  • Wheels Manufacturing
    • Dropout 146 (Specialized)
    • Original Part: 9890-4226 & 9890-4224
  • Custom Titanium Grade5 Bolts

Post as guidance? No warranty in ANY case of damage!

Tada the blank allez frame. No attachment, no bearings, no grease, no grime. Ready to start the journey?

First of all weight-check you fatty aluminium gorgeous… 1.175,6 grams for the naked frame itself, quite good!

Next steps are the frame attachments: rear derailleur hanger/dropout, bottom bracket cable guide, upper cable tensioner and finally the saddle clamp.

So first add will be the RD dropout. I decided to change it to a WheelsMFG because the anodization of the original was starting to bleach out.

To save the first amount of weight I also change the steel screws to titanium one. The huge saving of 0,8 grams will be essential in the hills xD

The screws will be “glued” into the frame with loctite. There are two reasons for this… First is to prevent loosing the screws. Second to minimize electrolysis. This is very important when you mix two alloys which can react on a chemical base. Keyword: pitting corrosion

Torque will be around 4-5NM so a little more than hand tightening. This looks good to me =)

From back to bottom – the lower ale guide. After a clean up the reassembly with a titanium screw. Weight saving 0,6 grams.

Same at this point loctite and 4-5NM of torque.

Now to the front for the upper cable tensioner. First of all a clean-up for those guys as well for the threads. 

No weight saving on this point… nevertheless a weight check: 6,8 grams (dry). Looks ok so I oiled those buddies up and installed them into the frame.

Now for the final weight check with all frame add-ons: 1.198,4 grams

Because it is a bad idea to clamping the frame itself I also installed the old seatpost. Aluminium frames are not as fragile as cabon but it can also be deformed… The temporarily seatpost will be clamped by the “eva 2.0 ” a fine carbon clamp by carbonice. The weight for this beauthy is only 5.4 grams including the titan bolt.

Next steps are bottom bracket, fork cutting and installation.